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Back At It...

What the Hell Happened?

Although COVID and my efforts to assist another group without reciprocation did impact my blogging, they are not solely responsible for its decline. I could also attribute it to insufficient funding, which led to a change in web hosts and a less-than-optimal appearance for the site. However, I am pleased to have the original site back. It's a hard truth to face, but losing my sight was not the only loss I experienced. Sadly, I also lost a friend who became too rigid in their beliefs. Their unwavering dogma blinded them to the beauty of our friendship, and it's a loss I still feel deeply. It's a hard truth to face, but losing my sight was not the only loss I experienced. At the same time, I was told I had a cancer spot on my kidney. As I was healing from the surgery, my landlord of eight years sold the house. The only one we had known in California. We rushed to find a place and ended up renting an amazing and beautiful home way out of our price range. After months of mountain adventure home searching, we found our country home. It was a very stressful time.

Dust is settling, new home, new vision!

I am currently exploring fatherhood program options and considering what additional steps are necessary to realize this dream. Part of this process has been fulfilling A childhood dream and becoming forever a sun devil at Arizona State University. As a result, I am now proudly affiliated with the Sun Devil community. Fork ‘em!

As I delved deeper into the topic of men's mental health, I realized that fathership often limits its scope by only addressing one type of trauma. In contrast, men actually suffer from various traumatic experiences. In fact, most of the men I know have experienced some form of pain, and shedding a tear is often seen as a sign of weakness.

Master Plan!

I am passionate about the Fatherhood is Sacred program and other courses offered by Al Pooley and NAFFA, and I hope to complete more of the courses they offer within the next year or two. I am currently creating a PSA to send to court systems along with course information so that members can show that they are not only taking a parenting class but also part of a parenting community. Funding is essential, and I believe this program alone can help many young and old fathers. The website allows me to host live one-on-one sessions and group meetings nationwide, not just in my community. We will soon be launching our own app to help members connect, and I am also seeking sponsorship for a program called Sacred Sons, which I believe will make me an even stronger asset to the Fathership program. My goal is to make this program as useful as possible, and I have revamped my board to include some of my most trusted and supportive people. They are not only my board but also my support team. I am currently studying for my BA in Human and Family Development at ASU, and I am proud to say that my current GPA is 4.0! My final objective is to promote the Fathership program both online and locally, and I will need everyone's help to achieve this. Please sign up, tell others about our services, and let's start talking and spreading the word. Thank you, and I appreciate your support.

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