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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

As I write out another blog today, I wonder what it is I should be talking about. I need some responses to these blogs. What would other dads what to talk about? What more can I do to make them aware we are here and ready? I took some heavy blows in my personal life this week. Negative attacks from the craziest of places: kids, old friends, even the x wife called to tell me how much of a loser I am. "I'm a loser why dont you kill me." Old friends who wanna tell me I'm doing it wrong, yet only disrespect me when they realize they misunderstood something that was said earlier. My children mad because I'm getting too personal on my fedbook posts. I wonder how many of them stopped to think. I know I'm not perfect. I'm sure I'll make errors, I've made many before. This isn't self serving so when I'm attacked personally, all it does is make me want that person less in my life. Unlike the past, it can't affect me, it just makes work a little harder as I question why they would want this not to happen. How many dads out there are suffering right now in silence because they are shamed when they seek help? How many have to hear their inner voice tell them they are a failed man because they didn't protect their family? Only to be shamed from every person they ask for help from and if they show any emotion at all most run away. We don't let men feel, yet complain men have no feelings. I've never had a problem talking about my feelings, never been one to hide my emotions. It makes people uncomfortable when you are willing to be that real and open; all the more reason for Fathership Program! A safe and professional place to not only unload all those emotions, but get postive feedback on how to handle them instead of being a burden to every one around them.

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