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Touchy with touch ups, not as fun as dress up days.

I told myself I would not spend the whole day at the computer, that I would find a few hours away. I did play with my dogs a few times in the back yard, but there is still so much work to be done. The creative energy is flowing like a freight train as I continue to speak this into reality. I feel I should keep on keepin' on...while the big river keeps on rolling. I sang all that in my head too, you're not the only one lol....If you didn't its ok, I'll most likely link it for videos in this blog.

Today I learned how to make the page look a lot better and make it a little easier to read. Please let me know what you think! Sign up, down load the app and lets talk! This is a social site to talk all things Fathership Program related. When you sign up,you get full access to ask the board any question you want. It works a lot like Facebook or other social apps, it even has its own messenger!!! It's a trusted and secure way for fathers to connect and have virtual meetings, how cool is that!? So be sure to make yourself an account today, and let's start talking and working to build this world wide! You don't have to be a father or need Fathership to be part of the online community here.

So, I have trouble keeping up with my brain and the stuff I need to do each day. Sometimes it can get overwhelming. I will shoot out all the stuff I have to do, start three of them, hit road blocks in two that need two other things done, and one of those is on hold waiting on someone or something; so I forget it in a tab and move on. Then work down my tabs to have that last thing come up again. I'll check on whats holding me up, to find it's a weekend and some stuff just cant be done on a weekend! It's ok to take a day off. Fathers who need assistance will be able to call the Fathership number and reach me on my personal phone, as I don't have two phones.

As the night winds down, and every one is sleeping and worn out, I look at the web page and the changes from start up to today, and although to those who do this stuff all the time it may look like very a guy who is learning tons everyday as he was tiring. We still have the other social media sites that need attention and some coaching. I will watch the game with out my laptop. I will watch the game with out my laptop, I will watch the game with out my laptop...

I'm only watching for the ads anyway...

For those of you on my board and working closely to help this launch, I know I am hyper and hard to handle sometimes because I'm excited. That's part of my anxiety, and I'm learning about it as we go, so please bare with me...and understand I know when it's happening and I'm trying to cope and get it under control. Hearing it from some one else is fuel on a fire. please try to understand I'm emotionally on fire; good bad or indifferent. I can put it out, just let me process (and pray i get a sound proof office someday) lol...why share this? Because these attacks have come much harder, and turned into panic attacks with stroke like symptoms.....and the dumbest thing will trigger it. It's just one of the personal effects of the storm. Much like an ocean storm, it has done damage with long lasting affects on all involved. That being the case, this blog is me sharing about my day-today as a father who wants and needs the Fathership program. With hope by me publicly sharing my faults along with my achievements, I can help show why Fathership Program is needed. Not that it's all about Todd, but maybe me being such an open book about my personal experience may help another father become a member and save his life. I am thankful for the time i took to have a Fathership meeting today. Didn't talk about what I needed to, but felt good to know it's happening and soon I will have a safe place to express, with out being shamed for it. Letting it out vocally is important, regardless of the words said, it's getting the energy out, and putting it somewhere else. Having a safe place to yell and scream is healthy.

Anyway, I'm tired....please get an account and comment on my blogs. Leave some questions and I will respond. Ask my other board members questions as they are on here as well. ok, time to link some music videos I put in here and find the theme of the day picture.

I love every single one of you. Thank you for your support.

****explicit lyrics in the last 2 videos****

my music taste is wide. please enjoy at your leisure. I referenced each one of these songs...did anything I've said before remind you of a song? link it below, lets talk about it

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