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Ready, Set, Go..Wait stop, no go, still waiting..Yes!!!!

This is today's theme for sure. Started with the puppies here nice and early, I wake with them and or the sun. Today I was very excited to go meet a recommended graphic design print guy here in town. I was welcomed with open arms. We talked about what Fathership is and what brought me to the front of this. We talked tent designs and what to do to be a better presence at events, discussed design for a very nice table banner and another to go behind on the back wall. We discussed icon decals for the side of the tent that could be removed and washed

We talked prices for things I can afford all the way up to things I dream Fathership affording. Then he tells me he wants to gift my first 1000 business cards and will do all my graphics for me!!!! That saves me so much time and effort, I will send some old file designs from the past, but I'm excited to see what he creates, as I left most of it up to him. Then i wanted to talk stickers for gifts and he showed me what he could do, these are not cheaply made. Very nice; which I am very happy about, and every one who gives something will get one. I ordered over 500 for my next 4 events, let's hope we don't need more. Just when I thought my day couldn't go better, I wanted to show the site, and get some graphics for him from it. It pulls up as it had all morning, refresh and it crashed!!! Right in the middle of it....i'm thinking and I put a sweater and nice pants on for this, lol...We got what we needed of my fedbook page. Shook hands and was about to leave and he asks me, where do we meet to help fathers...

atm we don't have a huge number we are helping yet, as im not a 501c yet and have been doing meetings in parks and my house. I told him my place atm, but we are looking for a place. He with no hesitation said he wants us to use his shops office for anything we need a building for.

This will save us alot in this start up not needing a place to try to cover overhead. Thats what that tax id will change. I took courses on grant writing and have had a couple reach out as well. With the grants, fundraisers, and event ideas i have, Fathership program will weather any storm. The Tax id makes many mores open to reach the full vision.

anyway, so site is down and its lunch time, so i grab a burger and fries, as thats what i live on, dont working on that leg* lol Come home and puppies need yard time right now. So grab the laptop and phone and to my back yard office we go. this is normally one of my favorite parts of the day, puppies playing in leaves, birds cherping and sun shining, not today no no...that would work, today is a test. head starts pounding as im talking to customer service for this site about a domain issue....Last night, early mornig I launched this site, and had the domain name all ready to go, or something close to i hope that isn't real, may have to edit....anyway, i hit buy look at it and see i made one of my very well known typos....and now don't have the voucher given for paying for the site. Thinking well its not that much compared to the site, and should be free, and its just a typo.....right? well i hit that help button and made a couple choices and hit call me put in my number and less then tweo minutes my phone rings...i was shocked, that was fast.....i tell her the story, she makes a ticket, billing will fix it and it will go back to now i have it as a domain its just on my page, i notice this in the call and switch it right, and launch, assuming they will remove the wrong spelling and refund for the second one i bought....sure they will refund, but it takes 20 daze!!! fine, i can handle it. Well thats why the site crashed, when reviewing my refund, in all their wisdom they took the correct spelling of and replaced it with the wrong spelled domain name, that wasnt attached to my page, crashing my site and removing it from google i hit that help button and get that quick call back, this time even with ticket number, i have to explain the whole mess again, because they don't take notes like i was trained we do every call, lol...i did customer service for a very large cell phone company for a while. It was fun.....less than two minutes and the phone rings and there here to help, they tell me it is a mess and a special billing person would have to help, they could not just give me a voucher to redo it the way i wanted it. leaving me to have to pay for it again...that requires me getting a hold of the board and explaining why i need more then I said I would for the same thing. We want every dollar accounted for. So once i get approval I follow instructions from email, and expect to have it up in running in minutes.....nope not yet, hit that help button, its 5 pm on the west coast on super bowl comes right in!!! that still amazes me even if this is my third call on the same issue...the rep tells me i should pay again before i lose late, this guy failed to here the issue so he couldn't resolve it to my liking, manager....its kylie on the, after explaining how this was ruining my launch party and has been an all day deal, i refuse to wait three more days, she very politely said kylie shut up and listen, i most likely needed a snickers and was a little hangry too, she gave me the voucher I was told in the first place was not possible!!! she is so lucky I gave up the monsters, the panic attack was so bad I had to have my partner confirm I was reading right so I didn't mess it up all over again. lol.....but all and all we got it done, I got it right, and we are live once again and excited as ever.

Today, although was all and all a great day for Fathership Program, it was hard for me. Several times I was plagued with the anxiety I now have, and wanted to just take off the work clothes and go to head ache pushed me even further that direction. Thankful i didn't have a stomach flair up, or i wouldn't of made it...few times i was concerned. Each time i heard that little trickster telling me, its ok finish it tomorrow, my rockstars come through and meet my 2 week goal in 2 days!!!!! Talk about the sunshine, I'm talking about the soul shine!!!!! damn sure better then the rain! The good times are just ok if you haven't had a bad time. One good time can be amazing and blessed, if you came from picking yourself up and standing strong after the storm. So, today's real picture for me is a lot like the one i attached to this blog. maybe I should come up with at least one picture every day, as I wont be blogs everyday. I don't think, lol.....anyway, it's a storm at sunset, but it sure helps the day look better.

So, I'm pretty tired and got a day of yard work for a break tomorrow. Need to get my seeds popped asap

Hope to see and hear from all of you. if you know a dad who may my program, let me know. let them know about Fathership Program. it may just save their life. i don't say that to be funny or to be dramatic. Every day a father asks himself, should i have hurt him? Or should i hurt myself? And its not easy for men to admit they need help with their feelings as it is, its our responsibility to make sure we something in place to help support these dads, and that's what I'm doing, its what our mission is, to create a safe and professional environment for fathers to deal with the issues that would destroy all three legs if given a chance!

As my first nation loved once taught me....Tobacco down, Sage up! I give thanx to creator for showing me the road to travel that was best paved for my ride. A'ho

* reference the idea fathers have three legs they must stand on equally, mind body and spirit.

*2 the storm, will be the term used most to describe the year after the survivor is saved from the monster.

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