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So happy to announce the booth shade tent has arrived!!! It's sitting in my entrance as we speak. I want to make sure I can record it in 360 for my virtual video viewers...and for Facebook or YouTube Live. Have yet to test and see what format I like best at the moment, as this will also be our first live broadcast across several different platforms! I hope my home net service can handle it.

I'm still learning how to edit videos; with YouTube, the more people who watch and subscribe, the more video editing stuff you're allowed to use. So, I didn't chop up my first video. I did play with ending icons and stuff like that. I have to admit, I am a little disappointed with how that turned out.

Tonight I'm studying trademarks to take a break from video editing. One thing I do know about video editing is I don't like video editing! It's an art form I don't have the patience for. Maybe once I understand the tools better, I'll like it more. We'll have to wait and see.

I can't wait to set up my own office in the house here where I can set up my area for live feeds and pod casts to talk all things Fathership Program. I bet you know a dad who could benefit from our program. We are working toward setting up virtual meetings. I even heard we maybe able to get real time voice translators but they would be robo voice. I don't know if we can do around the world meetings, but we could do across country easy, wouldnt that be cool!? Group therapy from the comfort of your couch. I know many with anxiety who would love this ability for their personal therapy. I'm sure the option is out there.

Anyway, I had a tooth pulled and alot of work to get done today. Got halfway done and never did get to set up my shade tent booth. So as soon as it warms up tomorrow, I will be able to do that. Oh no, wait! YouTube has a 24 hour wait on live streams, and I just set that up at 5-o-clock, so looks like it wont be till this weekend! Hmm....thats ok. I'm just ready to open it! I feel like a kid at X-mas. lol...but wouldn't be fair if I opened it with out my rockstars and social media supporters.

Let's start commenting on these and talking about the content. What would you all like to hear from me? As always, thank you for your support, I love you all!

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