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Lost for words, i just wanna ride....

Today if fathership program had reached my full vision, I would be checking into it. I can log in and talk open with others here on Fathership Program's web site...that's the idea...dads getting together and talking about being a dad. Being a parent is hard enough, these little versions of ourselves didn't come with instructions. We go off what we know and what we've learned. Most everyone I know came from very dysfunctional homes; making it a real challenge to create a functional one. Add the storm to the mix and you're talking explosive; talk about putting the fun in dysfunctional.

Heard they say 75% of gen x was molested at some point, that's crazy! How many do you think are now parents of survivors? How many do you think become monsters? Why are we taught to shame victims? Why do we shame their parents? Why do so many who haven't had to face a monster believe they know what they would have done? What's a good way to not shame people like that, yet make them aware of the damage comments like that could do?

Lots of questions as I get ready for bed, another long day of smiles and computer stuff. More video edit lessons...if i find the cord to plug it in. Lol...and I need to shop for a real 360 camera for doing video and pictures. Anyone got any suggestions? Don't forget to sign up, sign in and comment.

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